In 1939 when the war clouds were looming over europe, the Government called for young and able men to join the Territorial Army. The responce was so great that in a large number of cases it was possible to form a second Regiment from the recuits.
A case in point was the 57th Medium Regiment RA, based in Edinburgh where a "second line" Regiment was formed which became the 66th Medium Regiment RA.
It had a cadre from 57th and was recruited mainly from Edinburgh-East Lothian-Dalkeith and Peebles.

The two Regiments soon seperated. 57th left at once for Salisbury Plain where it was renamed 51 Heavy Regiment RA and equipped with 9.2 Howitzers and 6 inch Mk.XIX Guns. It went to France in October and covered the evacuation of Dunkirk. It did not return to France until the Normandy landings where it served with distinction until V.E. day.

66th Trained in sourthern England and equipped with the very latest in Medium Guns embarked for the Middle east in January 1943. The story told here comes from the memoirs and recollections of nearly 100 survivors, Officers and O.R,s who are still in touch with one another, there are two annual reunions, Dunbar & London.

The reason for two locations will become clear as you read the history pages.


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