Appendix "B"
The Lowland Gazette

On July 15th 1943 the "Scicilian Times" was born in n228 Battery Command Post. The battery Captain had designated one of his assistants to keep an intelligant log which could be consulted by whoever wanted the latest information on the battle. In a few weeks there came into being a more popular version under the "Sicilian Times" title. At first, laboriously carboned in manuscript, it had a circulation of four copies. During the Catania Battle the demand exceeded the possible supply and the firm of S.H.M (Gestetner) print works Co Ltd was formed. The circulation grew and extended outside the Regiment, and the 66th Medium Regiment,s first magazine achieved much renown. As we moved on into mainland italy the title changed to "The Lowland Gazette" and under that title it continued as long as the unit remained in active service. There were times of course when operational necessity caused a suspension for a few weeks but generally it kept going.

In the later stages after the shooting War fineshed and we were at Monfalcome the Gazette was really machine-printed and we acquired a wood-cut flag made by a local artist.


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