I was surprised and delighted to receive your letter regarding the 66th Regiment but regretfully I am unable to provide you with very much information about the Regiment. I joined along with three of my pals in April 1939 and as I was jsut 17 yrs old my Dad had to give me permission to join. We were in the 27th Bty Dalmeny stree Leith and the 28th Bty were in the Drill hall MacDonald road Edinburgh.

We were called up on the 1st September 1939 and the Regiment assembled at Balfour St school, i.e the Batteries from the Edinburgh section, the 66th consisted of drill halls in Musselburgh, Tranent, Preston Pans, Haddington, Dunbar, Dalkeith ans Penicuik.

I think on the 3rd or 4th September we were all billeted in Leith Links School which was approx 500yds from where I lived. A few weeks later we wer all moved to John Watsons Girls College Belford Road Edinburgh.

During October 1939 about 50 from each Battery were transferred to dalkeith, the 27th were in the drill hall in Buccleugh St, the 28th were in the Church hall of the Kings Church next to the park and some in the Unicorn Pub.
The soldiers in the drill hall were cheered by Hoggies Angels as they were called, as they were going to work every morning (the tattie howkers of Hogg the potato merchant in Buccleugh st)

After a couple of months we then moved to the new Army Camp at Dreghorn where we trained on 60pdr Firld Guns.
In the spring of 1940 we were shipped overnight from Spareford sidings by train to Chippenham in Wiltshire where again the Regiment were split amongs halls, pubs ad skittle alleys etc.

I was then along with some other 18 year olds transferred to Coastal Batteries along the South Coast of England. I landed at a 9.2 Gun Battery in Plymouth, from that period I lost touch with the 66th Regiment which I was proud to have been a member for a short time.

Unfortunately I didnt know your Father in Law and sorry to hear he passed away in 1972, too young to die............

I was demobbed in May 1946 from Rhyll R.A driving Regiment and returned to civvy life after nearly 7 years service. I met my Wife on the Islke of Wight in 1942 and after returning from west Africa in 1944 we were married in her small village Church in Seaview Isle of Wight, she served 5 years in the A.T.S

I have lived in Haddington since 1958 and didnt know about the annual reunins untill last year when a friend in the Probus club told me that he was also a past member of the 66th and that the last reunion was being held at Dunbar in 2003.

One of my pals who joined up with me was the Regimental Buglar of the 66th and also the Big Drummer of the 3rd Leith Boys Brigade, he was killed by going into a wall some where down south. My other friend was a Sgt Watson who was the Bty Signaller.
Regretfully I cannot give you anymore information, thank you very much for getting in touch because at 83 yrs of age come December their cannot be many persons left.

I dont have a computer to see the net but I am pleased that you have started a web site in Memory of the 66th Lowland Regiment RA .

with Kind Regards

Jack Bullen.

PS - I rejoined the 4th Heavy in Leith Easter Road during 1954, a bit of an idiot I think.........................