I enclose a photo (Jerome Studio Leith Walk) of myself taken shortly after the start of the War.

I was interested to receive your recent letter regarding the history of the 66th Madium Regiment during the Second World War. I am afraid I am not going to be of very much help as I left the Regiment early in 1942 and joined the newly formed Glider Pilot Regiment which was stationed at Salisbury plain Wiltshire.

Unfortunately I never had any photographs of my time with 227 Bty

One interesting coincidence happened in 1943 during the Invasion of Sicily, I had carried troops from North Africa and landed in Sicily during the night before the seaborne tropps landed. During the first day I was standing at the roadside and I recognised some members of the 66th as they drove past with their Guns.

I got a wave from some of them who recognised me, I never met up with any of them again until after the War.

I was in 227 Bty and I am afraid I cannot recall a Bob Wyse but he could have been in 228 Bty.